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Keep your money secure

Lost your card? Found it again? Instantly block and unblock your card in the app

Stay in control of your spending

Get instant notifications and keep track of your spending with the app

Splitting the bills?

Send money to your friends and housemates quickly and easily

Get your student loan paid in

Simply give your account details to Student Finance

Get cashback at loads of big brands

Earn cashback just for shopping at JD, New Look, M&S, Pizza Express and others

Pay your bills with direct debit

Save time and hassle by paying bills automatically

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Will I get cashback if I use my student discount?

Yes! Cashback works on top of your student discount, so you can still earn up to 10% from top brands like Argos, New Look, M&S, JD, Debenhams, Pizza Express and more.

Can I use Pockit abroad?

Yep. You can use Pockit anywhere that accepts Mastercard (which is pretty much everywhere).

How do I get the Tastecard?

Once you've got your Pockit card, just activate it and top up £5. Then we'll send you an email and you're good to go.