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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 3 month minimum term work?

You’ll pay a monthly fee of £4.99 for Pockit Extra.

3 month minimum term means you’ll pay the monthly fee of £4.99 for a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, Pockit Extra continues as an ongoing contract which you can cancel at any time without paying a cancellation fee.

You pay for Pockit Extra in advance and on the same day each month.

What happens if you don’t have enough balance to cover your monthly fee in the 3 month minimum term?

In case you don't have enough balance to cover your Pockit Extra fee — we will attempt to collect the fee for the remainder of the month in which we first tried to collect the fee.

Failing this — we'll downgrade your Pockit account to our default plan. Your purchase protection will be cancelled automatically.

There is a 3 month cooling off period before you can add Pockit Extra again. This is to ensure Pockit Extra is right for you.

Can I cancel Pockit Extra?

You can cancel your Pockit Extra anytime after the 3 month minimum term without paying a cancellation fee.

How do transactions outside Pockit Extra monthly allowance get charged?

Any transaction made outside your monthly allowance will be charged as per our regular pricing.