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Pockit Rewards

The more you use your Pockit account — the more exclusive perks you unlock.

How does it work?


Choose the rewards to activate Pockit rewards on your account


Top up at least £20 every month to qualify


Use your Pockit account every month — unlock exclusive rewards

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The rewards

Get a FREE transaction a month

One entry to a monthly sweepstake to win £1,000

Access to exclusive flash sales

Increased cashback on high street retailers2

Increased bonus for each referred friend

More rewards are coming soon!

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The more you use Pockit —more entries you get to our monthly sweepstake to win £1,000


For every additional card you get an extra entry to win £1,000


For every international transfer you get an extra entry to win £1,000


Add and keep Pockit LOQBOX and get an extra entry to win £1,000


Pay your bills by Direct Debit and get an extra entry to win £1,000


Refer a friend and get extra FIVE chances to win £1,000

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