Your smart card for everyday use

✓ Contactless prepaid Mastercard® in 2 working days
✓ Get your card no matter your credit history
✓ Get cashback on high-street shops

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Download Pockit app

Why choose the Pockit prepaid card?

Your Pockit account costs £1.99/month. The full breakdown of the transactional fees can be found here.

It’s faster to pay with your contactless card (up to £45)

✅ Track spending and budget easily

✅ Add cash easily or top up via bank transfer

✅ Real-time notifications about spending and balance updates

✅ Get cash at any ATM, pay in stores, and shop online

✅ Earn up to £20/month in cashback¹

Get your Pockit card in 2 working days



Sign up in 3 minutes in app or web¹. Get FREE card delivery when you add £10 to your account! (u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶£̶9̶.̶9̶9̶)



Receive your card in 2 working days. Activate in app or your web account.



Shop online or in-store safely with your contactless card.

Download Pockit app to get started

Download Pockit app
✓Sign up in 3 minutes
✓ No credit checks
✓ No minimum balance required

Trusted by 600,000+ customers

"I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid prepaid credit card option."


"Slick app and web interface make it really easy to keep track of transactions and spending."


"An excellent way of having spending money."


Add money quickly and easily

The prepaid card that gives you cashback

Use your Pockit prepaid Mastercard® when shopping online and in store to earn up to £20/month in cashback1.

Download Pockit app to get started

Download Pockit app

Start earning now

Shop with peace of mind

With Pockit, your money is always at your fingertips and your phone is your local branch — open 24/7.

Check your balance in real-time

Get instant spend notifications

Instantly lock the card if it’s lost or stolen. Get a new one easily.

Find your transactions in a few taps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid debit card is a card you can use to buy things.

Pockit contactless prepaid Mastercard® comes with an online current account that lets you send and receive money, set up direct debits, send money abroad and earn cashback when shopping.

How does a prepaid card work?

You signup for the card online and add money to your card via bank transfer, BACS or load cash through 28,000 Paypoint locations.

You can use your card to shop online and in-store, make faster payments, set up direct debits to pay your bills, send money abroad and more!

Why use a prepaid card?

You can use a prepaid card to shop via contactless, shop online with peace of mind, track your spend and budget through our free Pockit app.

Can I get my salary and benefits paid into a prepaid card?

Yes you can.

Here is how you can do it.

Will getting a prepaid card affect my credit score?

A prepaid card will not decrease your credit score.

Is Pockit a prepaid credit card?

No, Pockit is a contactless prepaid Mastercard®.

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Download Pockit app to get started

Download Pockit app

“I love Pockit, it’s brilliant, it’s simple and answers a need”

Susie, the Pockit's customer