How do we estimate your Cashback rewards savings?

The saving claims are based on the cashback Pockit partners provide.

An up-to-date list of Pockit partners and cashback amounts can be found on the Pockit website.


  1. Using spend data for the 4th income decile obtained from the Office for National Statistics, Pockit calculates an average spend amount per spend category
  2. Pockit groups spend categories from #1 into the following Pockit categories: a) Groceries & household goods b) Clothes & shoes c) Car maintenance d) Bills e) Electronics, games and toys f) Eating out
  3. Pockit calculates an average cashback available from Pockit partners per Pockit spend category
  4. Pockit calculates potential savings using the following formula: (weekly Pockit category spend – weekly Pockit category spend * average Pockit category cashback) * 4.43

How do we estimate your broadband savings?

The savings claim is based on the research conducted by Ofcom on 25 September 2019.

Ofcom found that new customers pay less after the switching their current broadband supplier to one of the below (see Table 2 p25):

• switched to BT — save £12.70/month
• switched to EE — save £7.10/month
• switched to Plusnet — save £9.40/month
• switched to Sky — save £6.90/month
• switched to TalkTalk — save £13.70/month
• switched to Virgin Media— save £8.10-12.00/month

Assuming switch to BT, the annual saving is £12.70*12=£152.4

How do we estimate your mobile savings?

The savings claim is based on the research conducted by Citizens Advice on 19 September 2018.

Citizens Advice research found:
• From analysis of over 700 different bundled contracts, consumers would pay more in almost 3 out of 4 (73%) of cases than buying a phone outright.
• Bundled mobile contracts confuse consumers, with most (55%) assuming it is the cheaper option.
• On average customers are overcharged £22 a month, but this could be as high as £38 for high-end phones such as an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy.
• Vulnerable people are more at risk of being overcharged. Older people are twice as likely to be charged for a phone they already own longer than 12 months, which could cost them on average £264.

Assuming on average customers get overcharged £22 a month, the annual saving is £22*12=£264